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Zoom Bible Study Mondays @ 7 p.m.

An opportunity to deepen your Christian knowledge, belief and your friendship with other parishioners.

For many years up to 10 of your fellow parishioners have been meeting for Bible study at 7:00 pm Mondays at each other’s homes or at the church. Now during Covid 19, we are doing a virtual Zoom video meeting. We decide democratically what book of the Bible we want to study. Lately it has been the fascinating minor prophets who in many cases foretell the coming of the Messiah or King. We take turns reading passages and pause after each Chapter for open discussion. Not many of us are experts, although a few are well read or have had academic theological training. But we all contribute from our beliefs and it’s surprising how we often share the spiritual issues which we all have, or contribute personal stories which throw light on what we have read. Since it is such an accepting and loving atmosphere we really get to know each other better. We close each session at 9:00 pm with a prayer – often for friends or relatives of participants, other parishioners and the wellbeing of All Saints.

We are not an exclusive club. We would really welcome anyone who wants to join. Come as you are – especially on Zoom which only shows you from the waist up! Contact the church office at 905-833-5432 or email for the meeting information.