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Worship in person resumes Sunday, September 13th, 2020

All Saints, King City, are pleased to announce that on Sunday September 13, we will be able to worship together in our church building.  It has been six months since we have been able to worship together in person.  Although some of us welcome the opportunity to return, I recognize that others may be hesitant to join us while the pandemic is still a major factor in our society.  There should be no guilty feelings if you wish to stay safely at home and watch our service on-line.   Your safety and peace of mind are our primary concern.

The Diocese of Toronto has prepared a video which shows what the return to church under Covid-19 precautions will look like.   You can find the video on our parish Facebook page and here:

Our church building has been cleaned and prepared for worship according to advice and policies of the government, health officials and the Diocese of Toronto.  After several meetings, we believe that we have established as safe a worship program as we are able.  For those attending All Saints, you will be asked to exercise patience and compassion as we implement our procedures.

There will be two services on Sundays.

Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer will be offered at 08:00 in the chapel.

Holy Eucharist according to the Book of Alternative Services will be offered at 10:30 in the church.

The church building will be completely cleaned after each service.

In addition, we are looking at ways to continue to offer online worship for anyone who feels more comfortable remaining at home, and we will have more to say about our online offerings soon

Upon Arrival for worship (Mask must be worn)

As much as possible please practice social distancing of 2 meters.  Wearing of masks is mandatory.

(if you do not have a mask we will provide you with one).  If you do not feel comfortable wearing a mask for health reasons, we must gently but firmly ask you to remain at home.

Entrance to the building will be controlled.

For our 08:00 service, enter through the back door of the church and self-register and hand-sanitize once you enter the building.  As you enter the chapel, you will see that we have placed  some pews out of bounds to ensure social distancing.   Take a seat, avoiding close contact with others unless they are within your family bubble.  Follow instructions during the service.

For our 10:30 service, upon entry you must register with a greeter in the narthex prior to entering the worship area.  After registering you will be escorted to a seat.  The pews have been marked to allow social distancing during the Service.  Families or “Bubbles” will be seated as a group in the longer pews and individuals or pairs will be seated in the shorter pews.

During the Service (Mask must be worn)

Sadly, there will be no hymns and NO singing.  We will not be physically sharing the Peace.

For the 08:00 service, for your safety, we will provide parishioners with a copy of the Book of Common Prayer in a ziplock bag, which is yours to take home and bring back to church on Sundays for your personal use.

For the 10:30 service, for your safety, we have removed all books from the pews.  An order of service on paper will be provided to you until such time as we can install electronic displays inside the church.

Approach to the sanctuary during Communion will be in a single line where you will receive only the Bread at which time you will step aside, remove your mask and consume.  Sides people will help direct you through the process.

For safety reasons, we have removed all cushions from the pews.  For your comfort, you are welcome to bring a seat cushion from home, provided that you take it home with you after the service.

After the Service

For the 08:00 service, please exit the church one at a time, starting from the front and moving to the back. 

For the 10:30 service, exit from the building will be controlled unless you have mobility issues, in which case you will remain in the worship area until directed out.  Those wishing to receive individual prayer will be asked to remain in their seat until directed to proceed to the back of the church and meet with one of the lay anointers.

As we are not allowed to meet within the building there will not be any coffee or snacks.

If meeting with friends outside, please practice social distancing and/or wear your mask.

This is a trying time for everyone and we need your cooperation and patience as we work to make our worship safe, enjoyable, meaningful and comfortable for all.  Comments are most welcome if you have concerns or suggestions.  It must be recognized that this is new for all of us and we will be monitoring how improvements can be made.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the coming weeks and if it happens that things are not going as smoothly as we planned, be patient with us and help us to make All Saints the safe, caring, and loving place it has always been.

Yours in Christ,


Rev. Dr. Michael Peterson, Interim Priest in Charge

All Saints Anglican Church

King City, Ontario