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Words to Live By – The week after Easter

This Sunday’s Gospel was the story from John 20 of Jesus appearing before his disciples after his crucifixion in the locked room, and Thomas doubting that Jesus was actually was alive until eight days later when Jesus allowed him to touch the wounds in his hands and side. Jesus tells Thomas: “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth asked us to imagine how Thomas, a natural pessimist, must have agonized during those days of doubt. Yet our faith depends on us experiencing doubt, she said. “To see light we have to be in the dark. Doubt is not unbelief. Jesus came not to answer our questions, but to question our answers. Blind faith is not good.”

We experience a lot of uncertainty every day in a world of violence and anxiety about climate change. She asked us to put ourselves in Thomas’s mindset – in his lonely pain where nothing made sense. In his darkness a hand was extended to him to let go of his disappointment, to be free and reconciled. “Do not be afraid,” Jesus tells him. “I am here.”  Rev. Dr. Elizabeth concluded: “This is your Easter, Thomas.”

Submitted by Patrick Gossage