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Words to Live By – The Season of Creation, con’t

As the denominations around the world observe the Season of Creation, Rev. Dr. Elizabeth continued to encourage us to think about our Christian response to the urgent climate crisis. She noted that last Friday alone, 4 million people around the world held demonstrations for climate justice, including in King City!  She echoed to us that if we don’t change our ways to bring about climate justice now, we will be held accountable by the youth of this generation and those yet to come. We need to become more conscious about the climate crisis and wake up to what we are doing.

In last week’s epistle, Paul says that we are called to pray for everyone. Rev. Elizabeth underscored that “everyone” must now include all of creation – all life on Earth. Quoting the words of Pope Francis on prayer, Rev’d Elizabeth reminded us that prayer includes action: “First you pray for the hungry, then you feed them. That’s how prayer works.”

We know that climate change has growing, global implications. It creates more poverty, deaths and dislocation. Elizabeth said in light of all that challenges us, we should remain hopeful and take inspiration from Greta Thunberg who, in one year, has  generated a major global movement for climate justice. “God is in that movement,” Elizabeth said, “we should not sit on the sidelines. Rather we should join the movement and do all that we can, with God’s help”.   

After this, Elizabeth presented a newly released video with Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot who make the case for natural climate solutions; solutions that include “Protect, Restore, Fund.”

Rev’d Elizabeth invites all members and friends of All Saints King City to join her in Toronto’s Climate Strike set to take place this Friday, September 27th at Queen’s Park. 

Submitted by Patrick Gossage