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Words to live by – Sanity in a week of insanity

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth reflected last Sunday on the tragic shootings in Christ Church, New Zealand. “Greed, power and hate is the way of the world,” she said. “ Acceptance, love and nonviolence is the way of God.”

In these troubled times, we might find it difficult put our heartfelt prayers into words. Rev. Elizabeth reminded us that when we struggle with prayer, we can all take comfort in the Lord’s Prayer. In her sermon on Sunday, Elizabeth reflected on the Lord’s Prayer as understood from a Jewish perspective. She invited us to see the ways in which it unites God with people of all faith traditions. In a world that seems to be ever more divisive, the Lord’s prayer unites us in our common need for God. In short, Rev. Elizabeth assured us that the Lord’s Prayer is a plea to God, for God to act now. The Lord’s Prayer helps to ground us in God, to express our needs and concerns to God, and to unite us with people who differ from us. It is a prayer that helps to keep us sane when we are in the midst of insanity – On earth as it is in heaven. For thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

Submitted by Patrick Gossage