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Words to Live By – Paul’s Trip to Philipi

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth used the story in Acts 16 of St. Paul’s trip to Philipi where he had an unusual meeting with a woman, Lydia. Paul had had a vision which led him there.

“Visions have a way of surprising,” Rev. Dr. Elizabeth said. “Scripting God’s vision, as in making structured plans for our church, is very different from  receiving God’s vision. When he actually shows up we are changed, transformed.”

Paul’s vision of what he was going to accomplish in Philipi changed when he met Lydia, a wealthy, independent business woman. She was his first disciple in Europe, said yes to the new life Paul preached and opened her heart and her home to Paul.

“Jesus is tugging at you and I now,” she said. “We cannot remain as we were when God comes to us unexpectedly. His love is about new creation and new life, even if it is uncomfortable.”   

Submitted by: Patrick Gossage