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Words to live by – Parable of the Compassionate Father (Prodigal Son)

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth told us to take as our own the dramatic and challenging story from Luke 15 of the lost son which Christ told to a group of tax collectors and sinners and pharisees. “The story of the compassionate father and his two sons is about you and me,” she said.

The younger son is a sinner, took his inheritance and spent it until he was penniless and working feeding pigs. He broke with God. The forgiving father is Jesus, revealing God’s love in the story. Like the pharisees, the older brother kept the law but displayed self-righteous anger as we all are capable of. The elders son’s sense of being betrayed by his father is answered by the father’s love.

She quoted a saint on anger: “Anger is the punishment we give ourselves for someone else’s mistakes.”

Although we are all sinners, there is a feast for us as was laid out for the returning son who was lost then found. “Jesus is constantly saying to us that he wants us back – come to the feast. Join the banquet that God has prepared for us.”

Submitted by Patrick Gossage