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Words to live by – Calming of the Storm

Last Sunday the Gospel text was from Mark 4 where Jesus calms a sudden storm on the Sea of Galilee which threatened to swamp the boat carrying him and his disciples. Rev. Dr. Elizabeth used the fear the disciples felt to remind us that we all live in fear and anxiety from time to time. “Our lives are fragile and we fear the storms of life that threaten us – fear of failure, rejection, illness, of death itself.”

Just as Jesus calmed the storm, his very presence in our lives can be a steadying influence. He brings us peace and calm in grief or sorrow, takes away our worries, and for us death never has the final word. “When  we don’t know what to do, are afraid to move, remember Jesus’s prayer – ‘not my will but thy will be done’. Trust in God and you will find peace.”

Submitted by Patrick Gossage