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Words to live by – Luke 5

Luke 5 is the story of Jesus calling his first disciples. Rev. Dr. Elizabeth spoke about this on Sunday, along with Paul’s story in 1 Corinthians, which tells how Jesus after his resurrection appeared before hundreds. In her sermon, Rev. Dr. Elizabeth said we all have stories to tell about how Jesus has affected our lives.

“How has Jesus appeared to you?” she asked.

She then explained that a narrative budget which the parish will launch at the beginning of lent is a  “dive” into what God is doing in the parish. A way to recognize and celebrate “the work of God at work in you.” Not just the treasure you offer, but the time and talent you devote to the work of All Saints and the good works you do outside the church. “God blesses us and we bless one another. God is generous through the lives and works of the faithful.”

She said that we should think about what we give in Lent, not what we give up. The Diocese of Toronto endorses this parish development practice and has produced good guidance material on  narrative budgets: “Many of our parishes are already producing narrative budgets on an annual basis because they see the difference between an “item-line” budget and one that brings the ministry of the church community to life.”

Submitted by Patrick Gossage