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Words to live by – Gifts from the Wisemen

Last Sunday was the 12th day of Christmas and Epiphany Sunday, marking the visit to Bethlehem of the three wise men. Rev. Dr. Elizabeth noted that the first outsiders to visit Jesus were non-Jewish, a signal of the universality of Christ’s message for the world.

The gift’s offered disclosed who Jesus was and would become. Gold for a King, frankincense for a high priest and Myrrh for his death.  She said the star was the sign of his birth and asked what sign we would recognize as leading us to his love.

The magi took a different road home so as not to tell Herod where Jesus was. Will we go into new territory and off road to make our mission more relevant? The magi found God in an unexpected form, a baby born in poverty. Will we be open top finding Jesus in a different form, find new ways of loving?

And as for gifts, we must ask ourselves what we will bring God in the coming year – offering our talents, time and testimony. Our gifts can bring light into a dark world.

Submitted by Patrick Gossage