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Words to Live By – Follow Me

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth spoke on last Sunday’s reading of the ringing prophecy of Isaiah 9,  “The people who walked in  darkness have seen a great light…” “His oracle breaks over us only a month after the shortest day of the year,” she said. “This is not a light that grows slowly over time…it shines on people walking in darkness…It is the kind of light that gives direction and drives out fear.” She pointed out it was a time of darkness for Israel, under the yoke of Assyrian invaders.

The same is true for us with the risks and threats of climate change, mass migration, affordable housing crisis ands now the Corona virus. We need a vision of when peace, justice and righteousness will return. There’ s always a need for prophets who stand outside the halls of power and state what our world can become.

The Gospel from Matthew told of Jesus calling his first disciples to “follow me.” “He is calling his disciples to be the voice that proclaims the world at peace, ” she said. “Between Isaiah andJesus there is one thing we know for certain. God keeps God’s promise. God’s people will be given a light to see and walk by.”  She quoted Kurt Struckmeyer: “The way of Jesus is a journey of transformation…It is a rejection of the values of selfishness, greed and violence that lay at the core of those isms pervading our world today.”

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth added that Christianity demands a lifestyle change in the way we look at the world and act in it. Unfortunately in the established religions it’s possible to believe that Christ in one’s “Lord and Saviour” and still be warlike selfish and vain. “The world has no time for such silliness,” she said. “Celebrate the gift of light that is you. Share the light that we can only imagine.”

Submitted by Patrick Gossage