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Thoughts on Conflict

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Green used last week’s Gospel story in Mark 9 to talk about conflict. In this story, Christ foretells his passion, and his disciples argue who is greatest amongst themselves.  Christ tells his disciples that “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last.”

Jesus teaches us that conflict and disagreement can be a blessing in disguise she said, “because we are invited to work together for a solution.” Conflict situations arise when we don’t know whether to speak or be silent. In the story the disciples were silent because  they were embarrassed about arguing who was greatest.

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth told us to ask ourselves what we would say if Christ were to ask us what an argument was about. She then reminded us we were not perfect and church was not a place to pretend we were, but rather where we do “field training” for service to God, to which everyone has proximity, and where we have a spiritual connection to one another. When we find ourselves in conflict we should stop and recognize ourselves as spiritual beings.


Submitted by Patrick Gossage