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The Sanctuary of Home

Recently I received a telephone call from someone who is seeking to share and experience the ritual of a House Blessing. They are not moving into a new home, nor are they leaving the home they live in now. Rather, during this period of Quarantine and Isolation, they have gained a new and deep appreciation for the Blessing that is their home. They explained to me that, “before the pandemic, we took our home for granted. We never want to do that again. When the quarantine is over, we’d like to begin again and re-enter the world with more appreciation for the every day blessings. We’d like to honour our home with a blessing.” I responded, “as soon as we are safe to do so, we will!”

Like them, I also have gained a deeper appreciation for the place I call home. Perhaps you have as well? Sometimes God calls us into quiet stillness so that we too may pause, take a breath, and reflect on the many and various blessings that each one of us are so fortunate to share.  After my rich conversation about this future House Blessing, I recalled the wise words from Proverbs: Like a bird that strays from its nest is one who strays from home. (Proverbs 27:8).

Today, as we continue to shelter and not stray, I pray that you will join me in giving thanks for the sanctuary that is your home, your sacred place where you can be truly yourself in the loving presence of God.

Author Theo Pelletier offers the following reflection.

“Home is where you can catch a dream and ride it to the end of the line and back. Where you can watch shadow and light doing a tight tango on a wooden floor or an intoxicated moon rising through an empty window. Home is a place to become yourself. It’s the right spot, the bright spot, or just the spot where you can land on your feet or recline in a tub of sparkling brew if you’re so inclined. It’s a place of silence where harmony and chaos are shuffled like a deck of cards and it’s your draw. Home is the place where you can close the door and open your heart.”

–         Theo Pelletier, quoted in Where the Heart Is.

Creator God,
We praise you for this fresh revelation today concerning our homes and the blessing we wish to bestow over them with this prayer. You are faithful to reveal so much more than we even knew we needed to pray for! And as the context of your love continues to unravel before our eyes, we pray that our hearts are open to receiving your grace and truth; even as we shelter in place. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.