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Summer Book Study starting in June

It’s not too early to plan your summer reading. Starting in June, Fr. Michael leading a study of Tom Holland’s book “Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World”. You will need to order your own copy of the book (Chapters or Amazon or Audible or wherever you buy books). 

Here’s a summary of Dominion:

Crucifixion, the Romans believed, was the worst fate imaginable, a punishment reserved for slaves. How astonishing it was, then, that people should have come to believe that one particular victim of crucifixion – an obscure provincial by the name of Jesus – was to be worshipped as a god. Dominion explores the implications of this shocking conviction as they have reverberated throughout history. 

Today, the West remains utterly saturated by Christian assumptions. As Tom Holland demonstrates, our morals and ethics are not universal but are instead the fruits of a very distinctive civilization. Concepts such as secularism, liberalism, science, and homosexuality are deeply rooted in a Christian seedbed. From Babylon to the Beatles, Saint Michael to #MeToo, Dominion tells the story of how Christianity transformed the modern world.