Our worship is largely traditional in form according to the two prayer books of the Anglican Church of Canada, the historic Book of Common Prayer (BCP), and the modern-language Book of Alternative Services (BAS). 

Currently our worship is conducted online as we protect ourselves and others from Covid 19.  

Our main worship is held on Sundays at 10:30am via Zoom, using the service of Morning Prayer from the Book of Alternative Services.   Also on Sundays, we also meet at 8:00pm via Zoom to pray the service of Compline, an ancient and peaceful form of prayer and a calming way to end your day and week. To receive Zoom invitations to these services, please email us at

Mindful that Zoom does not work for everyone, we also pre-record our complete service of Morning Prayer and post it at as well as on this website (link to right section goes here).

As the Covid-19 situation and vaccine rate improve, we look forward to announcing a return to indoor worship as follows:

Sunday 8:00 am:   Holy Communion from the BCP

Sunday 10:30am:  Holy Eucharist from the BAS

Wednesday 11:00am:  Holy Eucharist from the BAS followed by a simple lunch.