Mexican Crafts for Sale

Twice a month after the 10:30 am service, longtime parishioner Dawn Ballard sets up a table in the church entrance where she sells a variety of colorful Mexican handcrafts, including toys, jewelry, woven and embroidered goods, pottery, and leather works. She receives the crafts from Reverend  Gillian Ball, a former King resident and parishioner who moved to Mexico several years ago and officiates at Anglican services in the Diocese of Cuernavaca. The monies from these craft sales is distributed by Reverend Gillian to parishes in need in the Diocese, and to pay for family Christmas parties and even for food.

All Saints King City supports two sister parishes in this Diocese of Cuernavaca: El Calvario and Las Bendita Virgin Maria. With proceeds from these craft sales, along with monies raised through fundraisers and generous parishioner donations, we have helped to renovate both churches over the years. Several years ago a group of our youth visited and did maintenance work in these small churches.

We invite you to help support this important outreach ministry.

(Submitted by  Patrick Gossage)