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You’re invited to an educational opportunity (delivered via Zoom) called Mapping the Ground We Stand On.

Using animation, videos, gallery and breakout room talking opportunities and more, this interactive workshop, also known as the Mapping Exercise, invites participants to explore Indigenous presence on the map of Turtle Island/Canada, the history of Settler arrival, and their relationship to one another. It also offers an opportunity for learning and reflection on the concepts of Terra Nullius (empty land), the Doctrine of Discovery and Indigenous knowledge, enabling individuals and groups to imagine how both personal and collective journeys toward a just, respectful and healing relationship might look

As an action in learning Truth for Reconciliation, All Saints King City, is offering the opportunity to participate in the Mapping Exercise facilitated by Greg Smith (PWRDF Huron) and Cheryl Marek (Diocese of Toronto).

When: Monday, November 22, 2021, 6:30 – 9:00 PM ET Please register at least a week in advance for this meeting by contacting Kristen ( Information to help you prepare and a Zoom link to join the event will then be sent to you. Consider if a friend or family member, late teen or older, might also participate with you on your device. Let us know if two people will be sharing a screen