Letter from Bishop George & Linda Elliott

July 2, 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,

For the last thirty two and a half years Linda and I have had the wonderful pleasure of living in King City and being a part of the All Saints’ community.  I remember well my first Sunday at All Saints’ looking out at the congregation from behind the altar and realizing that the closest person to me was farther away that the back walls of the three churches I had previously served in the Parish of Minden.  However, that distance was no barrier to the warm welcome our family received.  Since then as Incumbent, Pastor, Area Bishop, and friend, my life and the lives of Linda, Elizabeth, and Matthew have been richly blessed by those who have called All Saints’ their spiritual home. 

What a wonderful surprise it was last Sunday to find Denise Whalley at our door, at the end of the Zoom service we had been attending, bearing a gift from the congregation.  The ‘Walking Polar Bear’ is absolutely stunning.  It will sit in our new home as a remembrance of all of you.  Thank you!

We are just about packed up and ready to begin a new chapter of our lives in Grimsby.  We are looking forward to being in the same community as Matt, Kendra, Rachel, and our grandson to be, who is due in late September.  My sister and her wife and my sister’s daughter’s family also live in Grimsby.  The truck loads up this Monday and we move in on Tuesday.  

Once we are settled, we do hope that some of you will drop in if you are in the Niagara Area.  We would love to see you.  We are only an hour and fifteen minute drive away.  I am sure we will be back in King City for visits too.

Please know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers.  May God’s blessings continue to abound in your midst as you journey into the future God has for you and for all of humankind.

With all our love,

+George & Linda