July 2019 General Synod Highlights

The recent general Synod of the Anglican Church made history  in several ways.

First, an historic apology was offered to indigenous peoples by outgoing Primate Fred Hilz. He stated: “Tonight, I offer this apology for our cultural and spiritual arrogance toward all Indigenous Peoples–First Nations, Inuit and Métis–and the harm we inflicted on you.” Hiltz outlined the many ways the Anglican Church of Canada has caused spiritual harm to Indigenous peoples, including “failing to acknowledge that as First Peoples living here for thousands of years, you had a spiritual relationship with the Creator and with the Land.”

In addition, Linda Nicholls, the Bishop of the Diocese of Huron, was elected fourteenth primate of the Anglican Church of Canada on. She is the first woman in the history of the church to hold this position.

Finally, a  self-determining Indigenous church within the Anglican Church of Canada was voted for, with the title of Archbishop given to National Indigenous Anglican Bishop Mark MacDonald.

For Rev’d Elizabeth’s thoughts on the failed vote to change the marriage cannon to allow for same sex marriage, please see the July 19 write up “Words to love by – whose neighbour will I be” in the Inspirational section of this website.

Submitted by Patrick Gossage