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Jerusalem Sunday – Words to Live By

Our incumbent, Rev. Dr. Elizabeth, reflected on the ascension recently – a critical event in Christian belief.

The disciples returned from Bethany to Jerusalem with the inspiring story of Christ’s being taken up into heaven while still blessing them: “The promise of blessing was continuing as Jesus left them. Blessings continue. Jesus’ blessings do not end. I wonder how many times the disciples must have retold the story of how Christ parted; it must have been a continual source of comfort and strength to the church,” she said and reminded us that “God in Christ blesses us, when we bless one another.”

Rev’d Elizabeth then spoke of Jerusalem and its central role in the life, death and resurrection of Christ: “This is a city to which all nations will come, the place of righteousness and peace for which all long,” she said and then pointed to the work of reconciliation and peace that is so important in the life of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem today. “We are called to acknowledge the love for Jerusalem in the hearts of those of other faiths, and cultures, and to model Christian love in our relationship with them.”

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth made a spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land last year and invites anyone interested to accompany her on another trip this January. She described the experience as “beautiful, challenging, intense, and deeply spiritual”.

Submitted by Patrick Gossage