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Earth Day Prayers and Reflection for April 22

Today is Earth Day. It is a day for us to wake up to the world around us, a world that is our earthly home, and a world we share with all living creatures on Earth. I will never forget that most amazing day last summer, when thousands gathered at Queen’s Park for Toronto’s first march for Climate Justice. With the support and encouragement of our Diocesan Bishop, Anglicans from across the Diocese joined Bishop Andrew to march, and to pray for Climate Justice. We didn’t do this for ourselves. We did it to show that we are in solidarity with future generations, many of whom will be born this day into a broken world, a pandemic world, and a world that is warming at an alarming rate. What we knew then, we know now: that our prayers, our actions, and our care for the Earth and for all of creation matters. During this time of isolation many of us have begun to reflect on how we might do things differently going forward. Our responses and actions to restore the health of planet Earth plays a big part in how we might create a “new normal.” I pray that on this Earth Day, 2020, we all take the time to be still with God – Creator of All that Is – and ask for the strength, wisdom and courage to find our way into a new normal, a way that sees our Earth as sacred and alive, so that we all may become true and active agents in her healing.

To help us pray and reflect, Rev. Dr. Mery Kolimon provides today’s sombre reflection. Let us pray for the Earth.

Earth Day Prayer in the time of COVID-19         by Rev. Dr. Mery Kolimon

Rev. Dr. Mery Kolimon, a well-known theologian, activist, and church leader from Indonesia. She has offered this prayer for the world, in this present time.


Beloved Mother Earth,
All other creatures,
The Creator has made all things good
All creatures are our brothers and sisters
Living by the Grace of The Creator of life
Blessed by the Earth that gives food each day.
Yet we have hurt Mother Earth.
We have destroyed our brothers and sisters.
With a desire for more and more wealth, more and more prosperity
We have damaged the earth without mercy.
We dump our waste everywhere
The oceans, mountains, fields, and forests
Broken by our actions.
Even the bowels of the earth have been dredged without mercy
For gold, coal, manganese, marble, and other minerals.
Forgive our pride and greed.
Forgive our arrogance and evil ways.
May this plague be an opportunity for us to learn
That our human economy is not everything.
The economy must move with ecology.
Ecology and economy must be balanced for the sake of the oikoumene,
So the Earth can be a home worthy of inhabitance by all creatures.
May we learn with our minds, all of creation is not our enemy
We must organize our lives more wisely
To distance life from extinction
So that we of this generation
May experience the intention of The Creator of Life that is truly good.
Forgive us, Mother Earth,
Forgive us, fellow members of creation.
Please accept us back in the dance of divine life
Where we hug each other as brothers and sisters
Sharing energy with each other for life that is mutual and whole.