Democracy in the Anglican Church

Two Bishops oversee our parish of All Saints Anglican Church, King City. Both are elected positions:

  • All Saints is in the York Simcoe area, one of four in the Diocese, and it is under the care of Bishop Peter Fenty.
  • The other overseer of our parish is Bishop Fenty’s ‘boss’ Archbishop Colin Johnson, who is the Bishop of our huge Toronto Diocese. Founded in 1839, the Toronto Diocese covers over 200 parishes, and extends north from the city to Lake Simcoe and into Haliburton. Archbishop Johnson has led the Toronto Diocese since 2004, but has announced that he will be retiring next year.

Bishops are elected by Synod, which is composed of members from each parish. Representing our parish, I and our priest (Rev’d Elizabeth Green) will be going to St. James Cathedral on Saturday June 9 for a special meeting of Synod to elect the new Diocesan leader from an interesting field of three women and three men. All Saints’ activities are enriched by assistance from the Diocese and by our association with the community of Anglican parishes in our area.

Submitted by Patrick Gossage