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Daily Prayers of the People for Wednesday, April 15

offered by Leah Springford

Let us who have been born anew to a living hope through the resurrection, pray for the church, the world and all in need.

Let us pray.

Most Holy, and Life-Giving God,

We pray for the whole body of Christ, that we may serve Christ with glad and generous hearts.  We pray for our Bishops, Justin, Linda, Anne, Andrew and Peter.  We pray for Elizabeth and we pray for our sister parishes in Mexico, for Father Pedro and Reverend Anita.

We pray for this nation and all nations of the world as we all deal with COVID 19.  We pray for your healing intervention for all those who are ill.

We pray for those on our hearts that are suffering in body, mind and spirit. May they find healing in the name of Jesus.

We pray for those who have died and for all the dying.  We especially remember today those who have died in long term care facilities and we pray for their families.  May they know the love of God who has raised Christ up.

Bind us in love to those for whom we pray this day, and to one another in genuineness of faith, more precious than gold, that Christ may be present in all we do and say.  So may your life be praised, today and all days.