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Congregational Gatherings Cancelled (All Worship Services Cancelled)

An email from Reverend Dr. Elizabeth Green – March 15, 2020
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Church is Closed: Stay at Home Spiritual Care for the Third Sunday in Lent

Just a reminder that at this time, in effort to prevent the spread of CORVID-19, the Bishops of Toronto have closed all churches in the Diocese of Toronto, and have temporarily suspended our Sunday morning gatherings for worship. There are no worships services being held at All Saints this morning. Instead, we are all being encouraged to stay home, to practice regular and thorough hand-washing, and to apply “social distancing” when and where possible. The Wardens and I will provide the parish with updates as we receive them from the Bishop’s Office.

For today I have provided you with some Stay at Home Spiritual Care, that also includes a reflection on the Gospel story appointed for today. Please see the attachment to this email.

I pray that you all keep safe, stay well and be healthy. May God bless us all in these fragile and uncertain times.

With every Blessing as we continue in this Holy Season of Lent,Elizabeth+