All Saints First Narrative Budget Presented – A Look Back at 2018/2019

Front page of our 2019 Narrative Budget

The All Saints Narrative Budget is a story of our free giving of time and talent. At our annual Vestry on Sunday Oct 27, we finally got a chance to see this important reckoning of 6 months (adjusted to reflect a full year) of volunteer hours by parishioners (the engine of all our activities).

As you’ll recall, a giving tree was put up at the back of the church last winter, and parishioners hung leaves on it weekly, writing down the hours they gave to the church for various activities. The leaves were then sorted by categories – Worship, Christian Education, Outreach and Evangelism, Fellowship, and Pastoral Care. These are the building blocks of an active and engaged parish. 

A few details worth highlighting:

  • Worship support involves many many volunteer hours setting up services, greeters, readers, chalice bearers, prayer leaders, choir and music, and more. It accounted for 1712 volunteer hours.
  • Christian education includes bible study. Sunday school and youth events, healing prayers and anointing, and a variety of training sessions and workshops and communication of our activities and faith messages through King’s newspaper and our website. Over 1,000 hours of our time was offered in this category.
  • In Outreach and evangelism we were very active last year with refugee settlement, and Pikangikum campaigns for winterwear for kids in this isolated native reserve, as well as ongoing support for the King City Food Bank and community gifts for our local halfway house Crosslinks. 1380 hours were offered to this ministry.
  • Fellowship involves all parish social and fundraising and other events, coffee hour,  sides people and greeters, and all the setup, tear down and cooking and food preparation that goes with these activities.1421 hours were offered to this ministry.

We are so proud of the dedication of so many parishioners who give freely of so much time to make All Saints the loving and caring community that it is.

Rev’d Dr. Elizabeth Green
All Saints’ Vision Statement

Submitted by Patrick Gossage