Hospitality Volunteer Needed

This fall we are looking for someone who is willing to arrange a schedule for coffee hour volunteers each week, and to make sure that the cupboards are stocked with cups, coffee & tea, sugar, etc. Vivian Aschwanden has been filling this role for several years, but is no longer able to do it. The effort is small, but the benefit to the congregation is enormous. Fellowship is an important ministry at All Saints, and having someone who is able to make sure we have people signed up to help with coffee and tea each week is a key part of this ministry.

If you are interested or want more information, please contact the church office.

There’s more!! There is also an opportunity to grow this role to help organize other hospitality opportunities at the church, and to find volunteers to assist as needed. This might include finding volunteers to help make sandwiches for a funeral reception or a pot of soup for a Clericus meeting (meeting of the local clergy) at our church. We currently don’t have anyone filling this role, but it would be great if we did! Please give this idea your prayerful consideration.