Biblical story telling – Come learn about this ancient way of faith-sharing!

Long before the narratives of the Bible were recorded in print, they were heard and told orally, as stories were shared in the faith community and passed down from generation to generation. Even the early written records were regarded as notation for the performance of the stories as oral/aural events.

Our Rev. Dr. Elizabeth is a professional biblical storyteller. Nearly every Sunday she tells the Gospel story “by heart”, with considerably more impact and power than just reading it.

Several of our parishioners have taken up learning and telling scripture by heart. On Sunday February 24th, our priest will hold a biblical storytelling workshop after the 10:30 service. Interested parishioners and others of all ages are invited and encouraged to take part, and experience the joy and power of Biblical Storytelling.  There is no commitment or expectation of telling stories for those who attend – simply come out to learn about this wonderful expression of faith.