Reflection and Prayer for May 27

Do you remember singing the Itsy-bitsy Spider with your parents or grandparents? Perhaps you have fond memories of singing this childhood classic with your own children or grandchildren?  We all know how it goes: The itsy-bitsy spiderClimbed up the water spoutDown came the rainAnd washed the spider outOut came the sunAnd dried up all the […]

Reflection for May 26

The notice on my digital calendar reminded me that we had a Parish Council meeting scheduled for tonight. Obviously, those plans have changed. Many, if not all of our plans have changed in these last several weeks. Our lives have all been turned upside down because of the pandemic. Who among us could have predicted […]

A Note from Your Churchwardens

May 24, 2020 It is with some sadness that today it is our duty to announce that the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Green has decided to resign her position as our Incumbent as of July 14, 2020. Her last Sunday in the parish will be June 14. Bishop Peter Fenty has accepted her resignation and will […]