Thoughts on Conflict

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Green used last week’s Gospel story in Mark 9 to talk about conflict. In this story, Christ foretells his passion, and his disciples argue who is greatest amongst themselves.  Christ tells his disciples that “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last.” Jesus teaches us that conflict and disagreement […]

Thoughts on Fear

The September 16th Gospel story in Mark 8 was used by Rev. Dr. Elizabeth to share thoughts on the fear that Peter expressed when Jesus told his disciples about the passion he faced. Peter’s lack of understanding led Jesus to rebuke him saying: “Get thee behind me Satan”. “Fear cuts off our inner strength,” she […]

KD, Soup, and 4L Milk Bags: Easy Ways to Help

King City Food Bank is asking for donations of boxed macaroni and cheese dinners and soups. Over 200 King residents benefit from the food bank every month. All Saints has a basket for donations located inside the East door of the church (back entrance) off Doctor’s Lane. Sleeping mats for the poor in third world […]