Welcome to King City’s oldest church building

Welcome to King City’s oldest church building, our historic brick Chapel with the pointed spire on Keele Street. Alone on a large lot for many years, it was the focus of parish life for Anglicans from its opening in 1857 to the dedication of the new larger church in 1960. Many of our early parishioners […]

Welcome to our hosta garden

The bench in our peaceful All Saints hosta garden, on the north side of the chapel off Keele Street, is being used by King residents as a place to read or meditate. Welcome! This is what our garden is intended for. You are also welcome to come to our summer Eucharist Sundays in the chapel […]

Biblical reflections on why bad things happen to good people

Recently we heard Rev. Dr. Elizabeth tell the grisly Gospel story of Herod acceding to the wish of his wife Herodias. She hated John the Baptist and wanted him beheaded. She was presented with his head on a platter. This prophet who baptized Jesus died horribly, just as Jesus would later. Rev. Elizabeth reminded us […]

Thoughts on Giving..

Ensure that givings to your church don’t stop when you are away Churches benefit greatly when parishioners give monthly through pre-authorized remittances (PAR) – signing up though a bank or credit card for monthly withdrawals in favour of your parish. Your church needs your regular financial support whether you are there or not -particularly in […]